The programme menu of the Academy is based on a deep understanding of Success, its dimensions and pre-requisites. The combined experience and expertise of its founding team of corporate leaders has resulted in the creation of a unique formula for Success, that would form the basis of all programmes and interventions run by the Academy.

The Academy would focus on 4 key areas.

Knowledge building across diverse areas like product training and industry updates.

Functional skill building specific to the industry in question ( e.g. Direct Selling Skills)

General skills like communication, financial awareness and numerical literacy.

Competencies like strategic thinking, execution, leadership and team collaboration.

Harvest Success Academy is currently offering two programmes to one of its clients in the Direct Selling Industry

First Step to Success (FSS)

The FSS programme clearly articulates the need for potential distributors to avail of company training before embarking on their new venture.

FSS is a powerful system targeted at those distributors of the client who have just started business with the company.

While reinforcing the decision of the distributors to embrace the business opportunity presented by the client, it introduces the participants to a powerful and structured system for maximizing their chances of succeeding in their endeavours

The sequence of steps in this quest for success is as follows:

  • Helping participants identify a PURPOSE to their life
  • Generating a BURNING DESIRE to fulfil the purpose
  • Visualization (DREAM) of what success would look like
  • Converting the dream into a SMART GOAL
  • Making a PLAN to realise the goal
  • Taking necessary ACTION to execute the opportunity required to meet the goal

The programme also underscores the importance of BELIEF( in the system) as well the cultivation of a strong positive ATTITUDE as imperatives for making the system a success

After the system is introduced, the distributors are then presented a preliminary goal of moving up to the next rank in their business and guided through a set of critical Direct Selling skills that would enable them to fast track their achievement of this goal.

Gateway To Success (GTS)

This is a short 1 hour module where entrepreneurs seeking an attractive and low risk business opportunity are introduced to the client through the lens of Direct Selling

The module is structured as below

  • Definition of success and dimensions of success
  • Presenting wealth creation as a key dimension of success with wealth creation having a more holistic connotation than mere accumulation of money
  • Introduction to different models of wealth creation and showcasing of the Direct Selling Model as one such model with high potential
  • Guiding participants through the process of selecting a good Direct Selling Company
  • Brief introduction to the client and the corporation( product portfolio, business plan, credentials and testimonials)

Success Lessons from Successful Leaders (SLSL)

SLSL (Success Lessons from Successful Leaders) is the latest star-studded offering from Harvest Success Academy.

The SLSL program is based on the time-tested principle that the most effective way to shorten the learning curve is to learn from successful people who have " been there,done that ".

Harvest Success Academy, in consultation with leaders and management of Mi Lifestyle Global Marketing and an indepth study of best practices in successful Direct Selling organisations, has generated a compreshensive list of subjects that need to be taught at various stages in the life cycle of a Direct Selling distributor. These topics have been vetted by the Core Committee as well as Regional Committee of Harvest Success Academy. The result: a series of powerful training modules that would be delivered by the most successful and highly articulate leaders of Mi Lifestyle Global Marketing to all its budding distributor -leaders. The SLSL program would typically feature 3 eminent leaders, each having a proven success record with the organization, each of whom would speak on a different topic of high relevance to the distributor audience.

In the first module of SLSL, aptly called Guru Gyan Mantra, the 3 chosen topics are 1. Understanding Why to Do the Direct Selling and MiLifestyle business 2. The 7 Success Mantras and 3. Goal Setting and commitment.

As we speak, news is flowing in from different regions on the waves that the first few programmes of SLSL are creating. People are eager for more !

After achieving adequate coverage of distributors across geographies, Harvest Success Academy would quickly launch the next module, which promises to be even more educative and exciting !

Watch this space for further news on initiatives from Harvest Success Academy

Powerful Personal Success Stories (PPSS)

PPSS ( Powerful Personal Success Stories), a new program launched by Harvest Success Academy in July 2018, has gained immense popularity amongst diverse audience profiles. PPSS is a forum which enables a successful leader of MiLifestyle Marketing to come on stage and share his experiences in life, in particular in the world of Direct Selling. The journey from childhood, through struggles, finally culminating in richly deserved success, is explained in a very engaging and gripping manner, leaving many inspiring messages for the audience. This program is a ‘must- attend’ for distributors at every level who are keen to make their career in the Direct Selling industry but are feeling intimidated at the various road-blocks and challenges they are facing in their quest for success.

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